I was their Mockingjay long before I accepted the role.

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Someone was watching my back.

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The Hunger Games MBTI

Gale Hawthorne —> ISTJ

ISTJs are both responsible and realistic. They take a logical approach to achieving goals and completing projects and are able to work at a steady pace toward accomplishing these tasks. They are able to ignore distractions in order to focus on the task at hand and are often described as dependable and trustworthy.  People with this personality type are usually very loyal and devoted to family and friends, but may struggle to understand their own emotions and the feelings of others. They can be quite reserved and sometimes fail to pick up on the emotional signals given by other people. However, once they are close to a person and develop an understanding of that person’s feelings and needs, they will expend a great deal of effort toward supporting those needs.

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#good #they are the reason for each others survival #and then he has to watch her almost die and not be able to help her when their entire relationship is about helping each other #this fandom talks about gale staying unchanged through the games and no he doesn’t change as much as katniss no one would argue that not even close #but if you watched your best friend lie on the ground dying or with a knife at her throat or nearly die of thirst or of poisonous bug stings #and nearly die half a dozen times #and not only is this your best friend this is the person you are IN LOVE WITH #and your entire relationship is foundational upon helping each other and you can’t help her #no one comes out of that unchanged #the woods became their savior and her knowledge of the woods saves her in the games #that is how she lives #because of the things she learned in the woods with gale #she carries gale into the games with her #she carries him with her and she misses him and she wonders what he thinks of all this kissing #because SHE CARRIES HIM WITH HER #because this ship is about katniss #katniss carries him with her #and there is nothing #NOTHING #more important to me and my shipping of this than that single fact #she carries him with her because gale is hers #and this ship #is a ship #in my life #and it’s perfect and this fandom doesn’t get it and has no interest in getting it and i’m just like #WHYYYYYY IT’S SO BEAUUUUUTIIIIIFFFUUUULLL #whatever i will keep them to myself #gale is mine. i am his. anything else is unthinkable. #may the odds be ever in your favor #the odds are not in my favor today because i’m still stuck here with these FEELINGS

I just want to

repeat that.

 #yes. GOOD. #you cannot understand katniss unless you understand how she conceives of herself #and herself in relation to gale. and gale always in relation to her. #what he means to her. #like #idg this fandom. #gale literally seeps into every corner of her consciousness #in all three books #and if it’s not explicit. it’s in her actions. it’s in these skills she learned while they were in the woods. #it’s in everything. #like katniss’ very identity formation is inextricably linked to this relationship. #and yes. it’s not the be-all-end-all because that’s gross. #but it’s fucking important. #i love these fools so much. #gale is mine. i am his. anything else is unthinkable. #no LISTEN TO WHAT SHE’S SAYING GODDAMMIT. #my kids #doomed fools #but perfectly so

#i hate that i am a person with Serious Feelings about the hunger games  #may the odds be ever in your favour  #sorry about the tags  #but  #not at all  #because they are all accurate  #it’s so beautiful to m  #but this fandom is stupid  #like both sides of this triangle are fundamentally important to katniss  #and to the way katniss learns to survive  #she literally wouldn’t be alive without gale  #or peeta  #they are both important  #especially in relation to each other and what they do for katniss  #to completely disregard gale’s importance in katniss’s life  #is not only NOT LISTENING TO KATNISS  #but it also undermines the importance of peeta’s role in her life because it eliminates its mirror  #THIS IS A TRIANGLE  #IT NEEDS ALL THREE LEGS TO STAND  #jesus

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I remember all those years in the woods, listening to Gale rant against the Capitol. Me, not paying close attention.Wondering why he even bothered to dissect its motives. Why thinking like our enemy would even matter. Clearly, it could have mattered today. When Gale questioned the existence of the hospital, he was not thinking of disease, but this. Because he never underestimates the cruelty of those we face.

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 ”I should have volunteered to take your place in the first Games. Protected her then.”

Gale and Katniss protecting each other at all costs throughout the books. 


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