Everyone has choice Katniss. I´d rather die that say what he just said.

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AU: THG meets HP
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He was born a rebel.

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I was their Mockingjay long before I accepted the role.

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Someone was watching my back.

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The Hunger Games MBTI

Gale Hawthorne —> ISTJ

ISTJs are both responsible and realistic. They take a logical approach to achieving goals and completing projects and are able to work at a steady pace toward accomplishing these tasks. They are able to ignore distractions in order to focus on the task at hand and are often described as dependable and trustworthy.  People with this personality type are usually very loyal and devoted to family and friends, but may struggle to understand their own emotions and the feelings of others. They can be quite reserved and sometimes fail to pick up on the emotional signals given by other people. However, once they are close to a person and develop an understanding of that person’s feelings and needs, they will expend a great deal of effort toward supporting those needs.

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