Don’t talk about angels or how I’ll be saved. I’m no coward but I’m not that brave. Rags are blowing. Rain’s getting near..I’m done with running..And it’s getting dark in here.

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Gale didn’t just not end up with Katniss though he got completely cut out of her life. They were best friends and depended on each other to keep their families alive.

I don’t care if you don’t like Gale or what but don’t tell me that’s not fucking tragic as hell. Especially since we never find out what happened to Gale. His story just stops after we find out he goes to live in Two, and as far as we know he never gets to see his best friend again.

i also call that “shitty writing”. Suzanne Collins couldn’t write a love triangle for her life

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Gale Hawthorne in the Mockingjay Part I Teaser Trailer.

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Every Gale&Katniss Moment
11: I can’t explain how things are with Gale because I don’t know myself.

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He was only fourteen, but he cleared six feet and was as good as an adult to me. I’d seen him around the Seam and at school. And one other time. He’d lost his father in the same blast that killed mine. In January, I’d stood by while he received his medal of valor in the Justice Building, another oldest child with no father. I remembered his two little brothers clutching his mother, a woman whose swollen belly announced she was just days away from giving birth.

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The Hunger Games (2012)

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If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be. [inspiration x & x]

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Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne:

-        f i r s t  a n d  l a s t

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the interview dresses worn by miss everdeen  

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So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted


"You silence our voices, but we are still heard."

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

(Thanks toastbabeis and mockingjaysource for noticing it and jenliamjosh for reblogging)

Ok, let’s go and say another unpopular opinion. This isn’t cool marketing. This is a fucking mess.

I am going to tell you what it’s the purpose of marketing. Marketing has to be understable to everybody, specially the target public. Now, think about it. How many people saw the tweet before it was deleted? How many people understood G-Bb-A-D were Rue’s whistle notes? Also, not every THG fan follows that Twitter account.

It looks cool if you see the post like this with everything explained, but not as a campaign. It’s not a good marketing campaign if the people who is supposed to see it and understand it, can’t. 

The only feeling I’m getting with this campaign is “it doesn’t matter how shitty is this promotion, it is still going to be a hit”. Sure. In countries like USA I’m not going to doub it. In countries like mine only a few had heard of THG before the first movie. And actually the first one didn’t do it as well as expected. For the second one they had to promote agresively here the hell out of the movie. If they continue with the shitty marketing, I don’t know if people are going to watch it as much as they watched the second one.

Oh, and let me tell you. Now, for a few days the Mockingjay Part.1 trailer is going to be available. Yeah. If you go to Best Buy (a shop that ony exists in USA, so it leaves out the rest of the world) and you can only watch it in a Samsung tablet. Something that inmediatly breaks the illusion that they are trying to create, that we are the Capitol. Also, for what I heard, Best Buy aren’t never in small towns. Now, tell me how many people are literally going to take their cars and drive maybe for hours to watch a 2-3 min trailer. It’s not worth it, and even half people who would, can’t. Promotion has to be accesible as much people as possible. And, also, I hope you noticed, that last part isn’t even THG marketing, it’s Best Buy and Samsung marketing using the die hard fans.

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