27.09.14 - Special father-son moment after the goal

Alberto probably wears this under his kit:

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captain fantastic

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so gorgeous, a man might cry (X)

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"Gerrard’s such a selfless guy. He was letting Balotelli take a few of the free-kicks in the first half. I was screaming for Gerrard to take the free-kicks because he’s got so much quality. Gerrard’s shown many times over the years that’s his range and it was a goal that should’ve won the game."

—Brendan Rodgers (via bossiter)
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People are annoying but Steven Gerrard is forever

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Alex supporting the hubby (◠‿◠)

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"Everyone always talks about your performances. What was your view on the way you’ve been performing on the way into this match?" 

Stevie’s post-derby interview

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