"I was 17 when I wrote that,” she reminds me. “That’s the age you are when you think someone can actually take your boyfriend. Then you grow up and realise no one takes someone from you if they don’t want to leave."

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"The problem is that there is no replacement for him, if he leaves we will have to wait for his son to grow up…"

—Arbeloa about Xabi Alonso. (via halamadridrm)
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"I came to Liverpool wanting to stay here for the rest of my career."

—Jordan Henderson
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"Where is the Scarlett Johansson superhero movie? I don’t understand it, why is it taking so long for this? This woman clearly shows that people want to go see her in the movies. ‘Lucy,’ didn’t it beat ‘Hercules’ by a lot opening weekend, when it was made for a lot less? She shows that she kicks ass, she’s a great actress. ‘Under the Skin’ is an incredible film, and why are we still waiting for a go-ahead on a superhero movie starring Scarlett Johansson?
To me, it’s a no-brainer. You want to make money, put Scarlett Johansson in a superhero movie!"

Jessica Chastain about the lack of a Black Widow movie (x)
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"It’s the only way to be a little more political about where we are in country music, and I’m as guilty of it as anybody. We’re pushing boundaries… and pushing ‘em and pushing ‘em. And to me, with that title, it’s like I’m bringing back some country into this thing."

Blake Shelton (On Bringing Back The Sunshine and bringing back the country) (Rolling Stone)
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"There was nothing true in that story whatsoever. I went home from the US because I had problems with my knee and had had so for some time. Brendan Rodgers and I talk with honesty to each other but the last thing I will ever do is stand and whine in front of someone. Especially when it comes to football, because in football there is nothing to whine about."

Daniel Agger denies the rumours that he broke down and begged Brendan Rodgers to leave Liverpool (via footieridiculosity)
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"There’s only one thing young ladies should be inserting in themselves, and that’s knowledge."

—Alexei Karenin, Anna Karenina (via incorrectrussianlitquotes)
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"He calls me ‘little magician’, but there’s nothing magical about me"

—Philippe Coutinho on his Esporte Espetacular interview, about Stevie G’s nickname for him. (via xabieralonsos)
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"Suarez sent us a lovely text this morning wishing us all the best and hoping we start strong."

—Brendan Rodgers talking about a message sent by Luis Suarez. (via thebigending)
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"It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling— that really hollowed-out feeling."

—J.K. Rowling (via wordsnquotes)
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