"He came up to me in training yesterday and pointed at the badge, saying: ‘Just look at that, lad!’"

—Adam Lallana about Rickie Lambert (via its-captain-marvelous)
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"One time, he was like, ‘Three of my drawers are your clothes. I love you, but this is my tour bus. Can I have a drawer back?’"

Miranda Lambert (takin’ over Blake’s bus) (USA Today)
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"It was special. I had to get a few emotions in check."

—Lambert on his debut (via ourgoldensky)
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"We have some big things planned for Felicity and Laurel. We arc out the entire season beforehand, and we have very specific end points for both of them."

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"It is a great feeling; it is a lot of people’s dream to be playing for a club like Liverpool, and so I am living my dream and I am thankful for everything that has come my way.
I am looking forward to the future, as I said before, it is going to be a big deal for me and I am really excited."

—Daniel Sturridge [x] (via hendoshairgel)
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↳ [2/3] Bill Shankly
"This is to remind our lads who they're playing for,
and to remind the opposition who they're playing against"
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"The real legends stay, and then their names are sung for generations."

—John Green (x)
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"It’s great to see Liverpool back in the Champions League, where they belong. Anfield is a very special place, especially on a Champions League night, as I know well."

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"We wanted to have Miranda and Carrie take on those iconic moments, instead of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, like in Ocean’s Eleven. But then Carrie had all these amazing ideas. She wrote her own treatment, and it was the first time she’d done that. Her initial treatment — with photos — was 11 pages of ideas. And my job as a director was just to interpret and filter those ideas to fit it in the 2:49 minutes we had. Carrie had so much great imagery for me to look at. She threw her whole heart into this.She wanted to see a high-stakes poker game. She wanted to see motorcycles. She wanted an explosion, a helicopter scene and a mug shot. Those all came from Carrie."

—Trey Fanjoy (“Somethin’ Bad” director) on where the idea for the video came from + (via queen-underwood)
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"There’s no limit to what I can learn playing with [Steven Gerrard]. I grew up watching him. My best mates, he’s their legend. For me to be playing alongside him, not just at England but at club level, is quite surreal really. They’re always asking me what he’s like. He’s got that aura around him. But I need to quickly get used to it because I’ll be playing with him week in, week out."

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