"I used some words of Margaret Aspinall - we put them up on the wall. She talked about stress and how it can prove difficult for you, but it can also offer you great determination to fight. Those were the words that we gave the players before the game today. This is a club that is one club at this moment in time, and we’re all fighting to achieve the ultimate goal."

— Brendan Rodgers (via captain-stevie)
"You almost feel like he’s been chiseled out of a slab of granite"

— Commentator describing Martin Skrtel (via whatthefuckisfootball)
"Luis Suarez becomes the first Liverpool striker in almost 30 years since to score 30 goals in a season, the last was Ian Rush"

— DO DO DO DO DO DO DO (via whatthefuckisfootball)
"I think we still live in a culture that assumes that men are single by choice and women are single because no one wants them."

Sara Eckel, This is Why You’re Still Single (It’s Not Why You Think)  (via aprettypastiche)

This is so true

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"You can’t just start the clock on 9/11 and forget 50 years of unjust oppressive Western foreign policies in the Middle East."

Mehdi Hasan

Thank God someone finally said this. I’m so sick of stating that Western intervention and invasion of other countries fuels terrorism only for people to respond 'They did 9/11 first!'  In 1953 the UK & the US staged a coup of the democratically elected leader of Iran and installed a dictator who was more to their liking. Today the U.S. continues to support brutal dictators (such as in Saudi Arabia) where it suits them to do so. Palestine has been occupied for decades. The list of Western imperial foreign policies over the past decades could go on and on. 9/11 was not only only a result religious extremism and it certainly was NOT because 'they hate our freedoms.' Terrorism is often primarily politically motivated and anyone who is serious about preventing it had better take some fucking notice of this fact. (via insideonemind)

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"Everton remembers. We always will."

— Roberto Martinez (via americankopite)
"The authorities took on the wrong city if they thought they were going to get away with that."

— Roberto Martinez on the city of Liverpool on the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster (via the-rain-of-november)
"Money can’t buy what we felt on the way in here… …The supporters will do the city and the club proud"

— BR on everything (via whatthefuckisfootball)
"Whatever happens, whoever lifts the title at the end of this remarkable season, Phillipe Coutinho will forever remember that moment when he connected perfectly with that ball and Anfield exploding into a hue of tears and colours and noise. And if that is what being a footballer is about then by God he has experienced it"

— My Commentator (via forgetyourlust)
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"More than anything I get the sense for this group of players that they want to win it for Steven Gerrard."

— My commentator (via juve-storia-di-un-grande-amore)