Let’s talk about this picture please. Credit to Steven Gerrards Instagram ofc.

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LIVERPOOL FC: the important things.


Brad v Simon. Scouse Cafu. #STUPIDVISA. Y.N.W.A :)). Dance Master Supreme. No wey + UNLUCKEEEEE. Future LFC Ladies Captain (RM?). LET ME PUT SOME STUDGE UP IN IT. 8 kids

this is so awesome

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can we take a moment to appreciate Brad Jones hair and how it legit never gets messed up whether he is

  1. getting down and dirty
  2. jumping 10 feet in the air
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From Captain Fantastic’s Instagram!

Look at these assholes chilling it <3 <3

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Congratulations to Brad Jones and Dani Lawrence on the safe arrival of their newest family member, Romi Hope Jones. 

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Liverpool FC Squad Portraits 2013/14: Goalkeepers

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