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We are a team. Of course I want to play - I am going to fight for my place and I want it back, like everyone else does in the team. But we are humans and I know how difficult it is when you go away from home.

Moreno is a great lad as well and I’ve got along with him from the start. I wish him the best.

It’s our job and I want to play, that’s the reality, but I am going to help him, like I have already, with anything he needs.

We want the same thing - Liverpool to try and win the league, be in the Champions League again next year and try to win something this season. We are fighting for the same thing - we’re not here to fight between each other!


—Top class comments by Enrique. Kudos to him and his forever positive attitude. (via kopzone)
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LFCIndia asking the right question

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#and the holy fire sparks their bromance again

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Liverpool have let us know that Enrique is still alive

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