Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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WOW i didnt know computers could replace a printer,glue,scissors,tape,and a stapler

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I was proud of the simple fact that I somehow avoided a major embarrassment in this moment.

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Tell it, Randy.

Randy said fuck your bullshit

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Gerlonso’s son is being bullied by Jose Enrique again. [x]

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“You can do anything you put your mind to. I believe in all of you. Never doubt yourself, even if everyone around you is doubting you. Stand tall. Prove them all wrong.Each and every one of you have something amazingly special about you and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Thank you for being my fans.. and my friends. Thank you for giving me a reason to sing. Thank you for being you.” 
― Carrie Underwood

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Please Don't Say You Love Me BY Gabrielle Aplin
Please Don't Say You Love Me - EP
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Please Don’t Say You Love Me || Gabrielle Aplin

Just please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back. Doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that…

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ask any teenager what type of music they listen to and 99 percent of the time they’ll say ‘anything but country’

It’s funny cuz if you were to ask me, I’d say “nothing but country”

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My mom got called on to read aloud in class and came across the word ‘island’ and pronounced the s (is-land) and the whole class laughed at her and the teacher told her she was stupid.  She grew up hating reading and has literally not read any books, newspapers, magazines, etc. since my sister and I were younger and then she only read us children’s books because she ‘had to.’  So like, don’t do this.

the same also applies to people who don’t speak english as their first language, people need to fucking realize that they can actually speak more than one language. i am pretty certain people who make fun of others when they speak or mispronounce, or make fun of their accent, cant even learn a fucking language independently. like that person speaks spanish/french/another language and can actually speak and read english, but how about you basic bitch, can only speak english so stfu

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