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i’m s o r r y.

          did i step on your m o m e n t?

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  • Vicki: Damon was the one that turned Vicki, which led to her eventual death.
  • Jenna: Damon killed the vampire Klaus was planning on using in the sacrifice, which led to him using Jenna as an alternative.
  • Alaric: Damon killed Alaric multiple times while he was wearing the Gilbert ring, which was the reason he went crazy.
  • Bonnie’s grandmother: Damon was the one who wanted the tomb open in the first place, despite being warned about it.
  • "She taught me how to kill": Katherine never saw Damon after he first became a vampire. Sage was the one that taught him how to kill.

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#ugh #this is still so ridiculous to me #like i can see some douchebag like matt blaming a woman for something that damon did #what really really annoys me is damon being all like ‘boohoo katherine made me the evil thing i am today’ #and the narrative feeling like it validates this statement? #and am i totally misremembering damon being all like ‘i own my shit’ in s1? this fucking pathetic loser #basically this boils down to damon being an annoying pathetic weak little floppelganger #he’s such a total flop (via sheepboxes)

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Happy 35th birthday, Hermione Jean Granger. September 19th, 1979.
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"'Lo triste no es morir. Lo triste es no vivir intensamente'"

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I don’t understand people who glamorize illness, especially pediatric illness and juvenile terminal illness. The show Red Band Society makes me sick - they’re capitalizing on juvenile illnesses, especially cancer, because it’s a “trend”.

Actually the entire trend makes me sick from TFIOS to almost every Nicholas Sparks movie that I’ve ever seen where the young (usually) girl dies of a terminal illness and it’s painted like it’s a rare, wonderful piece of art like a Monet.

The photos of the Red Band Society made me laugh. They all look healthy, no signs of illness, there’s hints of booming romance and their ‘lives began’ in the hospital as they say. Not to mention, they even have time to play in the hospital wheelchairs! It’s just like high school.

Except that’s not reality for any of us, who you know, have spent more than their fair share in a hospital.

Nobody looks healthy in a hospital, I’ve never seen anyone fall in love like they did in TFIOS, and mostly your childhood is stripped away.

But, it’s much easier to say a love story between two terminal teenagers than tell the truth.

What they don’t tell you about being in a hospital for weeks at a time as a child is that you watch and feel suffering and you never really fit in with kids your age anymore… even if you try with all your might.

You miss your family unbearably so much and doctors except you to know things that you don’t even understand.

You’ll be woken up all night for medicine and it’s cold and scary when the lights go out so you clean your stuffed animals tightly. When you do wake up, the light sound of ‘beep, beep’ is a reminder that you’re not home. You’ll cry and cry because you didn’t ask for any of it.

Your hair looks a wreck, so do your clothes. You’ll see parents having fundraiser so they don’t lose their homes and sometimes you’ll see parents crying to be seen even though they hundred of thousands of dollars in owed medical bills. There’s also the sick kids who can’t even afford to come or pay for cancer medicine. Those kids never make their way into the stories, after all, because nobody ever seems to care.

You’ll be in either the “good” insurance ward where the TVs are bigger or on the “bad” insurance side where the TVs don’t work. Mostly, you’ll feel sick and lonely. Even on movie nights or bingo, you’ll feel isolated because some people are too sick to even breathe on their own.

Your IV will get caught and you’ll lose privacy, even usually your right to get washed, so you become almost immune to feeling violated. You’ll cry a lot and when you leave (if you’re one of the lucky ones) your collection of stuffed animals is just a reminder of how sick you are.

Sickness isn’t beautiful, it’s heart wrenching; it’s not beauty, it’s destruction.

John Green didn’t tell you the truth neither did Nicholas Sparks. They don’t even know the truth. Don’t tell me what it’s like unless you’ve seen it. The real picture, not the one you see in movies or read in books.

There’s nothing wonderful or “romantic” about it. There’s nothing wonderful about illnesses and disabilities being exploited so they can teach you a ~bigger~ picture on how to ~appreciate~ life. Think before you time into Red Band Society and what it represents.

And maybe if you feel so touched by all of it, give a dollar to a sick kid in need or even a hour of your time… unless it’s not romantic enough for you to think of the utterly poor kids that are dying of cancer or muscle dystrophy because they live in poverty.

The Red Band Society is based on a book based in the experiences of the writer in hospital when he was younger. While I agree there is nothing romantic or wonderful about illness I have to say that when I was in Hospital when I was young I had good time on it. Despite having nurses taking my blood everyday, despite the pain, despite ended up vomiting my own blood and being without eating and drinking for 2 weeks (yes, no drinking for 2 weeks is the worst thing ever) I remember having a good time with the other kids. My little cousin is constantly in hospital and it’s the same. Never saw him sad there. I guess people remember things differently. Maybe I was too young to have a bad memory about it.

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ok but literally how


wait a second, science side of tumblr, or any side of tumblr that could possibly answer this question: HOW FOR GOD’S SAKE IS HE DOING IT

what the fuckitty fuck????????????????

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